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We are in a new era called "The Corona" or "Covid 19". The truth is this pandemic has not only hurt peoples health, families, jobs but it has broken relationships in a million Irreparable pieces!. I am not an expert in this field but recently I have received this question " I am getting a divorce, who do you think should get the dog?'

My Initial reaction..."Arggggg what! how is this person asking me this!, How do they not know?". So I put some thought into it and came up with some questions..basically, answering their question with a question. The below are some questions that your Dog would like for you to consider.  I broke it up into 3 easy thinking/deciding/processing topics:

1. Dogs Health. This one is definitely on top of my list. 

Is your Dog sick? Does it have a terminal illness? 

Does it have a condition that with time it will get worse and need additional care or Hospice (Pawspice )            

What if Dog gets sick and needs extra care, attention and resources? 

2. Lifestyle. Who has the lifestyle that can be with DOG the most, example, do one of you work from home? Maybe one of you does not work. Who enjoys a life that is beneficial with dog including, walks, exercise, playtime, consistent feeding times?

3. Financial. Even though I would not place this one on top of my decision list, It is something to take into consideration:

Is your dog on special medication? 

Does it take supplements?

Does the food it eats have a high budget? 

Does it have regular vet visits?

Does your dog see one or many specialist? 

If you are in the situation where you have to decide, "who gets the dog" please take a minute to reflect on these questions, look deep inside, soul search, leave your anger, sadness and selfishness aside. Being a  Pet Parent also involves making decisions for them that sometimes are not in your favor. A very amazing Dog mom once said "When we start to think about them everything changes" SG

Allow change into your never know what can happen, worse case is you do not get Dog, but Dog gets the life it deserves....

My heart is with you..... 

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